Alexbam Showreel 2018

Digital animation, motion graphics and effects work. Clients include Capcom, Bentley, Cambridge University, Green Bullet, Hotwire Global, Dragonlight Films, Maverick Media, Gulf Biomedical, Irresistible Films, Marketing Minds and Swan Media.

Showreel 2017

Digital animation, motion graphics and effects work. Clients include Irresistible Films, Maverick Media and the Guerrier Brothers with content created for UKTI, Travelex, ExxonMobil, PepsiCo, Cambridge Country Council and Amey. Films featured include the Bafta award-winning 'Operator' directed by Caroline Bartleet, 'Frayed' written by Ayesha Antoine and directed by Georgia Oakley, and 'Wizard' directed by Tom Guerrier.

Infographics Showreel 2017

Infographics work. Clients include OCR, Great Guns, Breadcrumb Media, UKTI, Guerrier Brothers, Bite Global, Genium, Cambridge Assessment, PepsiCo, ExxonMobil and Marketing Minds.

Showcase: Dinosaurs - Terrible Lizards

From a concept by Joel Veitch and David Shute of then designed and directed by myself came this joyous piece of silliness. Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards asks the question what if those terrible lizards of old weren't just terrible, but absolutely useless?

Travelex: The Early Birds

The first of five short animations we produced for Irresistible Films on behalf of their client, Travelex. A great example of our having provided almost the whole package. We received the script and concept from the client and then created characters, style and storyboards up through animation, editing and music.

Lego - Micro Space Classics

Part promotional film for a Lego Ideas submission, part love-letter to the space Lego of my childhood, this animation comprises four comedy sketches delving into the lives of those eternally-smiling spacemen.

The animation uses a mix of traditional stop-motion, model photography and CG.

The Story Garden

Created for a Virgin Media Shorts competition, The Story Garden subverts the idea of a serene English garden and presents instead a chaotic world of hunger, terror and screaming. Lots of screaming.

The denizens of the garden are 3D CG, but hand-painted textures were used to give them and their world a more tangible quality.