Six tips for working with creatives

As an animation director, much of my work lately has been to create explainers (concise, entertaining and informative films demonstrating what your service offers) and other promotional visuals for businesses large and small. If you’re thinking about commissioning something of the sort or indeed any kind of innovative marketing, here are some tips to help you get the best results from collaboration with creatives

  1. Tell your creative why you love what you do. If we’re to inspire viewers and potential customers on your behalf, we need to convey that passion to them.
  2. Know your audience. You know your business inside and out, but your customers don’t need to. Keep your message simple, concise and targeted – invite them to learn more, don’t bombard them with too much info. 2 minutes is optimal for a video, 3 at the very most!
  3. Tell a story. Mercifully gone are the days when pie charts and graphs constituted a message of success. Audiences want to be inspired by a story they can relate to, whether your customers’ or your own.
  4. Trust your creative. As with any employee, we do our finest work when we’re given enough space and information to be the best we can. Don’t micro-manage – you’ll get micro-results!
  5. That said, disagreements happen, so explain why you don’t like that picture/that graphic/that font, rather than simply saying “That doesn’t work for me.” By understanding why, we can improve our work. (However, remember #2, perhaps the artist or marketing person knows the audience better than you do?)
  6. Finally, be brave. On social media, we share things that are funny, cute, spectacular or surprising. When I pitch a series of ideas I urge clients to be courageous, but all too often they choose a safe choice, and safe choices get the fewest hits.